Episode 22: Neha Inamdar

She has witnessed her grandmother and mother take reins almost overnight of a cement business that her grandfather left behind. She’s never been afraid

Episode 21: Nischala Agnihotri

She’s not afraid to recall one of the most painful memories from her childhood of being bullied as a kindergartner. She has seen male

Episode 20: Veena Hari

Born to a punjabi mother and a Tamilian dad, it was both fun and challenging to dabble between two cultures that could not be

Episode 19: Arundhati Kumar

“My career has been a series of “foolishly brave moves’ and when I look back, I wouldn’t have it any other way”. These


Episode 18: Sudha Ranganathan

Despite growing up in a progressive household where her parents, especially her mother did everything to make sure she received the best in class

Episode 17: Aarthi Muralidharan

We only realize it much later that our parents were human beings too who were merely playing the role of a mother or a

Episode 16: Dimple Gujral

“Marriage is not a 2 min instant maggie noodles, but a gourmet biryani”, says Dimple Gujral, Head of Finance APAC at Dalberg. An accomplished

Episode 15: Merlia Shaukath

She has never ever been guilt tripped by a man, it’s almost always been the women. Merlia Shaukath, CEO and founder of Madhi Foundation

Episode 14: Mansi Kasliwal

Like many of us who often think about “What-if’s” in life, she sometimes wonders what life for her would have been if she had

Episode 13: Payoshni Saraf

She openly talks about how tide turned for her and her spouse only after their miscarriage and how they went from being fence sitters

Episode 12: Rhea Mehta

From landing a job in NY that allowed her to be in the presence of executives of Fortune 100 companies to willingly choosing to

Episode 11: Neha Madan

Coming from a traditional business family in Nasik, an arranged marriage at the age of 22, having twin boys 2 yrs into her marriage