Episode 12
10th August, 2022

Episode 12: Rhea Mehta

From landing a job in NY that allowed her to be in the presence of executives of Fortune 100 companies to willingly choosing to work at the intersection of impact, tech and healthcare in a developing economy, she’s probably seen it all. Guest on our show today is Rhea Mehta, who I have had the privilege to know through our work together as colleagues at Shortlist. Sharing a seat on the leadership table in a company that at the time had 60% women leadership was definitely a humbling experience that we both cherish. Today, Rhea is growing Navya, a cancer informatics company in India by leading partnerships, fundraising, building a team and a lot more. In the conversation today, she talks about how her liberal and protected upbringing didn’t necessarily prevent her from falling into the trap of cultural stigmas and social conditioning around gender roles where she’s often the one responsible for laundry & playdates for kids whereas her husband is responsible for fixing a piece of furniture or the other supposedly man-appropriate chores at home. She talks about how she defines success for herself, how she is trying to balance her own start-up career with equally demanding career aspirations of her husband, and almost daily questioning why extremely talented mothers around her had to quit their corporate careers after embracing motherhood. In the episode today, we will uncover how despite the place of privilege Rhea comes from where it would be easier to quit work if she ever chose to, she continues to fight for the balance between her own aspirations as a professional, her responsibilities as a mother while being a supportive and available partner to her husband.


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