Episode 21
7th Feburary, 2023

Episode 21: Nischala Agnihotri

She’s not afraid to recall one of the most painful memories from her childhood of being bullied as a kindergartner. She has seen male allyship in action way before the term was even coined, watching her dad support her mom’s entrepreneurial pursuit. As a pre-teen she made a trip to newspaper mandi’s at 4 am to negotiate pamphlet prices with the vendors. The guest on our show today is Nischala Agnihotri, Product Marketer at Insightly Analytics, who loves to call herself a Story Scientist. She’s a product marketer by profession and a content writer by passion. In the conversation today she talks about how she started her content career when freelancing was not a cool thing to do, when work from home was unheard of, when side hustles were not the fad, and when content was not considered the king. She shares the struggles of explaining about the seriousness of her job to her own family before she had to do it for anyone else. A strong believer in the gig economy, she does not hesitate in calling out the not so fun parts of being a gig worker. She found strength to create her own unique motherhood journey because of the comforting words from her mother in law who reminded her that as much as everyone around will keep reminding you of your first born, you have to remind yourself that you’ve become a mother for the first time too. Tune into Just An Ordinary Mom on the platform of your choice to listen to this episode.

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