Episode 17
24th November, 2022

Episode 17: Aarthi Muralidharan

We only realize it much later that our parents were human beings too who were merely playing the role of a mother or a father, struggling to give us their very best. In the conversation today, Aarthi talks fondly about her mother, who was the force beneath her wings, fiercely prodding her to become financially independent. Aarthi’s career of over 18 years at Dell and now at Educational Initiatives would not have been possible without the many contributions of silent heroes who made it all possible for her.   Aarthi’s husband shows up in ways that she had not imagined – from taking their daughter to extra curricular classes, to cooking their daughter’s favorite meal to adjusting his calendar when Aarthi’s traveling for work to asking her to take a break when she returns exhausted from work. We definitely need more men like him. Listen to the story of how coming from a humble middle class background, Aarthi has been able to achieve great success in her career, while raising a 9 year old daughter. Tune into the platform of your choice to listen to the latest episode of Just an Ordinary Mom.

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Shrey Tiwari
Vedant Naik
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