Episode 20
30th January, 2023

Episode 20: Veena Hari

Born to a punjabi mother and a Tamilian dad, it was both fun and challenging to dabble between two cultures that could not be more different from each other. She fit in neither but she was both, she spoke neither languages, but people assumed she spoke both. In 7th grade she knew that she wanted to be a clinical psychologist. She defied norms in the decade when neither did she have any role models to look up to nor did she know what career path she would be on. The guest on the show today is Veena Hari, who talks about her career as a practitioner of Clinical Psychology. She’s worked across a breadth of issues like child sexual abuse, to maternal reproductive & mental health to postpartum anxiety & depression to running a support group for adults debating to remain childfree or not. She is the CEO and Founder of Bhavati foundation, a non-profit organization that provides accessible mental health services including awareness sessions, training, one-on-one counseling and sharing circles on the issues around reproductive mental health. Veena challenges the most commonly spread or misunderstood sentiment around motherhood, which is that women are biologically wired with maternal instincts. Veena explains the type of mental health challenges that can show up postpartum and how one can be aware of the triggers. Her simple and yet very powerful advice is that if you are experiencing more bad days than good, you need to get help. Her perspective on sharing the load with her partner and developing a journaling habit is very useful. Tune into the episode at “Just an Ordinary Mom” to hear Veena challenge conventional wisdom.

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