Episode 18
29th November, 2022

Episode 18: Sudha Ranganathan

Despite growing up in a progressive household where her parents, especially her mother did everything to make sure she received the best in class education & became financially independent, the awareness that “I am a girl” didn’t escape her after she reached a certain age. She seethed with anger when she was told she can’t do a certain thing because of her gender. Thankfully, her response was not compliance, in fact it was just the opposite. She did things because she was told it was hard for girls to do them. The guest on our show today is Sudha Ranganathan, Director of Product Marketing at LinkedIn. She’s based in San Francisco with her husband and her 7 yr old son. In our conversation today, she recalls times when every Indian girl was told what to do and what not to do when they got their periods. She cringes at the instances of how public spaces for her meant she needed to wear her backpack as an armor on her chest to avoid getting violated. She remembers the times when she saw her mother as a person first beyond the role she played which helped her humanize her parents as people, something she hopes her son does too. She talks about how strategically she has invested time and effort to find her tribe and community as she has moved continents and countries. She ponders over the identity crisis people suffer from when they train their minds with the narrative of “I am because of what I do”. If you are looking to find a career coach or a life coach, you cannot miss the part where she talks about the differences between the two and the process of finding meaning & purpose. She dispenses perspective (not advice) on how fence sitters can think about parenthood. She challenges all conventional wisdom that boxes us into what we should be instead of what we want to be. She also touches upon a lot of relatable aspects of growing up in India, choices to pursue education, choices to work, marry and have children and most importantly finding “purpose & self” in the process.

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