Episode 14
23rd September, 2022

Episode 14: Mansi Kasliwal

Like many of us who often think about “What-if’s” in life, she sometimes wonders what life for her would have been if she had taken up tennis professionally. She conforms to the same ideals of parenting as our parents did, i.e. strong emphasis on education to do well in life but often wonders if there is an alternate way to do right by our kids. Guest on our show today is Mansi Kasliwal who heads the Education for All Initiative at Byjus. In the conversation today she shares her professional journey as the first few sustainability architects in the country to starting her own upskilling company to then working towards the mission of providing equal access to quality education to the less privileged. She shares how a few months of downtime in worklife, pre and post pregnancy was enough to make her realize that her happiness lies in being continuously challenged with meaningful work and how giving up work to assume the role of being a full time mother would have been a disastrous choice for not just herself but for everyone around her. We discuss gender roles in the house and how she has to sometimes catch herself to cite a better and more equal example for her daughter.

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Shrey Tiwari
Vedant Naik
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