Episode 13
24th August, 2022

Episode 13: Payoshni Saraf

She openly talks about how tide turned for her and her spouse only after their miscarriage and how they went from being fence sitters to then taking a leap of faith to become nurturers as adoptive parents. The guest on our show today is Payoshni Saraf, who has roots in Amravati in Vidarbha, but was born and brought up in Kanpur. Her upbringing is representative of many childhood stories that some of us who grew up in middle class India can easily relate to. With both parents working very hard to give the best possible education to their kids so that the kids could do better than them in life, their focus was always on studying well to earn well. Payoshni was too much of a nonconformist to continue down the corporate path and she found her meaning and purpose in the education sector. She talks about how children are ultimately what we make of them as parents and therefore whether the child shares your gene pool or not, it really doesn’t matter because it ultimately boils down to the time investment you make in the child that you are responsible to raise. She also encourages couples to intentionally put in the effort required to revive the friendship and companionship that almost always gets lost while dealing with a full time responsibility of child rearing. In the episode today, you will hear Payoshni vulnerably speak about how she had to take a sabbatical to make a come back in life since covid and the ever growing responsibilities both at work and home threw her off her game during covid years

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