Episode 15
6th October, 2022

Episode 15: Merlia Shaukath

She has never ever been guilt tripped by a man, it’s almost always been the women. Merlia Shaukath, CEO and founder of Madhi Foundation shares how entrepreneurial genes did not escape her. Both her parents ran a garments export business but encouraged her to build a life in service of others which led her to make a career in non-profit education. In the episode today, Merlia shares that the key to successful parenting for her has been all about figuring out the duller and mundane details of life – the doctor appointments, the play dates, the school pickups and how each day has to be a fresh start for the impending negotiations. Despite the meticulous planning of embracing parenthood, nothing went as per the plan for Merlia and her husband. She used “entrepreneurship” as a respite to deal with perils of a premature delivery, she used “humor” to ward off judgmental stares, she used “assertion” to draw boundaries and used “self-love” to be kind to herself. Listen to the show to learn what according to Merlia is the best investment any woman can make in herself…

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Shrey Tiwari
Vedant Naik
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