Episode 3
3rd June, 2022

Episode 3: Swati Shah Gupta

Swati and I have been neighbors for over a decade, but we only first met each other in a job interview. She and I overlapped at Teach For India for a year… We became good teammates first and even better neighbors thereafter. Since then, we have both moved jobs but stayed in touch. Swati has two daughters who are smart, intelligent and witty, just like her. Swati started her career with infrastructure consulting firm CRISIL and worked her way up in the corporate sector for 10 yrs before pivoting to the social and development sector. Her work in this space has spanned across fundraising, impact investing and most recently in impact evaluation. In the episode today Swati talks about how everyone’s calling is their own and how easy it is to slip into self-berating looking at someone else’s success

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Shrey Tiwari
Vedant Naik
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Manic Pod studio, Chembur
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