Episode 8
27th June, 2022

On the show today, I speak to Priyanka Gothi, who is building a human-centric, digital marketing agency for purpose-driven organizations called “Taleworthy”. Priyanka holds an undergraduate degree in journalism and mass communication and an MBA in marketing from SP Jain. She spent a decade in various roles at Nestle before venturing into freelance work as a brand and communication strategist. She also founded a social impact organization called “Wise at Work” – a disruptive job platform connecting skilled retired professionals with part-time work opportunities to create impact for businesses and communities. Last year her project was merged into the academic curriculum at a graduate level course at an international university. On the show today, she talks about the learnings she drew from working with iconic brands at Nestle to challenging the old school concept of jobs not being linked to life stages but ages. She also talks about how saving her identity at work first helps her to be a good mother and how it’s super important to raise the bar for what the definition of “good” men in the society looks like.

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Sound Engineer
Shrey Tiwari
Vedant Naik
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Manic Pod studio, Chembur
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