Episode 4
6th June, 2022

Episode 4: Neha Mathur

This episode is special since I have my sister in law Neha Mathur appear as a guest on the podcast today. I have had the privilege to see her grow as a mother and as a professional over the last 12 years. She has two beautiful daughters aged 10 and 7 and she’s held a great corporate career of over 16 years across ICICI bank, IL&FS Infrastructure, KPMG and Deloitte. She graduated from Lady Shriram college, Delhi with Economics Honors degree and also holds an MBA in  Finance. In the episode today, she’ll candidly share how her mother’s resolve to write her life’s book changed the life trajectory for her and her brother. Neha’s story is testament that strong mothers stand on the shoulders of strong mothers and mother-like influences. She also talks about how grass is always greener on the other side and how she was almost on the verge of quitting after her second daughter was born. She took an extended maternity break for a year thinking she would be able to give quality time to her daughters, but the lack of adult conversations compounded by how flustered she felt with lack of financial independence were reasons enough for her to snap out of the fleeting thought and she joined a consulting firm in an even more challenging role of Sales & BD.

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