Episode 9
5th July, 2022

On the show today, I speak to Neha Jain who is a storyteller, a film producer, a film festival programmer and a mother to twin girls who are now 5 yrs. Neha holds an Economics Honors degree from Delhi University and a post grad degree in Journalism from Sophia College in Mumbai. She’s had a defining career at CNBC Awaaz and then LXL ideas. Her work in the media over the last decade has been focussed on kids and young adult content, in a hope to bring them cinematic, visual and audio stories from all over the world- that will make them think, make them ask questions, and also provide answers.. She grew up in a joint family listening to stories of her paternal grandmum, who was a finance minister of Haryana in the 70s and who set the bar really high for what women in the family could and should achieve in their lives. In a candid conversation today, Neha talks about being a trailblazer for women when she chose an unconventional media career in the 90s. She also talks about how difficult it was to decide to become a mother when the biological clock was at odds with everything she wanted to achieve in life.

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Shrey Tiwari
Vedant Naik
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Manic Pod studio, Chembur
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