Episode 10
11th July, 2022

On the show today I speak to Gayatri Nair Lobo who is the Chief Operating Officer at ATE Chandra Foundation. I am really excited to interview Gayatri, who was my former boss and is now a really close friend. There is also some cosmic and deeper connection since I had my twin boys, after spending almost all of my working hours playing with her twin boys until I had mine 2 yrs later. Gayatri’s experience of over 2 decades spans across strategy consulting, non-profit fundraising, scaling impact interventions within organizations working in the areas of access to education, school leadership and farmer livelihoods. She has raised her twin boys to be fair, just and empathetic who now correct her when some of her inherent biases come to the fore. She talks about the importance of ceding control as a mother, gives tips on overcoming impostor syndrome and distributing the boring/menial tasks of running a household with one’s life partner.

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Sound Engineer
Shrey Tiwari
Vedant Naik
Recording Studio
Manic Pod studio, Chembur
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