Episode 5
10th June, 2022

On our show today, we have Anupma Gajwani from Delhi who runs a full-service visual communication studio under the aegis of Studio-A. She has over 20 years of experience in providing graphic design solutions, branding and corporate communications strategy to national and trans-national clients. She did her undergraduate degree in Economics from Delhi University and her masters degree in Visual Arts from the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design in England. Before establishing Studio-A, she had a flourishing corporate career as Multimedia Director with Magic Software, one of the first internet companies in India. In the episode today, she talks about raising a son as a single mother, evolving relationship with her partner as they chose to co-parent their son, finding her own niche as a solopreneur, staying relevant for her son as he transitioned from being a boy to a teenager to a college student and now a full time working professional. She unapologetically talks about what it meant to be ahead of her times in literally everything she chose to do and owning up to the consequences of the decisions she made.

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Sound Engineer
Shrey Tiwari
Vedant Naik
Recording Studio
Manic Pod studio, Chembur
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