Episode 1
26th May, 2022

Today’s episode is super special and I think one of the reasons for me to start this podcast. On the show today, my guests are my 9 year old twins – Aahaan & Ruhaan. They are identical twins which means they just look alike and yet have completely different personalities. They are curious, inquisitive, avid readers, sharp observers, self proclaimed future cricketers, chess enthusiasts and have a knack for telling (or rather making up) great stories. In the episode today, these 3rd graders share what growing up with sometimes an absent mother has felt like. They candidly talk about what they like and hate about their mother who sometimes has to choose herself over them…Their mothers choices inevitably mean that she is less available to them. Her mothering isn’t perfect. There is no such thing anyway… But it is real and it is good. These boys know that their mother’s love for her job does not diminish her love for them. Through this podcast series, we will bring the stories of ambitious mothers who are unapologetic about what they can’t give their children and yet celebrate what they can – a lifelong lesson in independence and self-confidence, the two tools that all children need to thrive and chase their own dreams.

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Shrey Tiwari
Vedant Naik
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Manic Pod studio, Chembur
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